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MEDAD Cloud Platform is designed to enable educational institutes, government organizations, and corporations to align their academic, administrative, and training processes, and accelerate their digital transformation journeys while fostering institutional innovation. MEDAD Cloud Platform offers all the necessary components to digitize learning, training and administrative operations within a unified and highly robust architecture that leverages the latest emerging technologies and open-source platforms, offered via a could service that adheres to the highest standards in security, efficiency, and operational reliability.

Effectiveness Platform >

A Platform that Leverages Technology for Higher Education to Support Institutional Performance, Quality and Efficiency. MEDAD Institutional Effectiveness Platform (IEP) caters for the needs of higher education institutions by combining key institutional effectiveness functions in one comprehensive platform

Management Platform >

Provides a unique eLearning environment and a secure, cost effective, and reliable platform to keep your Learning programs running at peak performance.

Services Platform >

Discover the potential of an innovative suite of library services, enabling your library to meet the ever-growing digital needs of its users while embracing new levels of efficiency and swift adaptability to technological advancements

Management Platform >

A Digital Workplace for a Changing World Medad Training Management Platform is a cloud-based training management platform designed to help organizations streamline training operations, reduce costs, and drive business success through effective employee development and training management

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