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MEDAD Cloud Platform is designed to enable educational institutes, government organizations, and corporations to align their academic, administrative, and training processes, and accelerate their digital transformation journeys while fostering institutional innovation. MEDAD Cloud Platform offers all the necessary components to digitize learning, training and administrative operations within a unified and highly robust architecture that leverages the latest emerging technologies and open-source platforms, offered via a could service that adheres to the highest standards in security, efficiency, and operational reliability.

Medad Institutional Effectiveness Platform

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Medad Learning Management Platform

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Medad Training Management Platform

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Medad Library
Services Platform

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MEDAD Cloud Platform

Coordinates efforts at every level of your institution, creating a unified, collaborative solutions for the institution’s pursuit of institutional excellence. An initiative to support Digital Transformation in Educational Institutions. Provides all main systems to digitize operational processes in Academic institutions under one integrated platform. A cloud platform managed with the utmost security and standards that ensure operational excellence.


Ensuring fast and successful implementation in record time


Operational services to support institutions in improving


Local cloud infrastructure provides flexible expansion capabilities


Available to clients with an annual subscription model


Available around the clock with 99.97% uptime


Architecture supported by artificial intelligence and big data Advanced


Capital savings in equipment, infrastructure, and operational costs


Connect and integrate with local services and government platforms

Esteemed Institutions That Are using MEDAD

For more than three decades Naseej has been privileged to serve virtually every knowledge, learning and information center throughout the Arab World, in addition to countless government, public and private organizations of all types. The following is a list of some of the distinguished institutions we had the honor to serve.

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