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Effectiveness Platform

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Aiming to automate and streamline higher education processes for strategic and operational planning, quality assurance, accreditation management, learning outcomes assessment, program review, and many more, MEDAD IEP provides a comprehensive cloud-based, user-friendly, and customizable solution to support institutional performance, quality, efficiency, and get actionable insights for continuous improvement and student success.

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Sharing information to review progress toward 

the goals and objectives


Sharing information to review progress toward the goals and objectives

Create a shared vision focused on its mission for the institution and its faculty, employees, and students

Set a roadmap with goals, objectives, actions, and accountabilities for the institution and its people


Create a culture of results and continuous improvement that permeates the institution


Maintain the financial health of the institution and adherence to its mission


Build a culture of risk management that provides guardrails for administration


Establish accountability for outcomes, commencing with the president and cascading to the staff


Build structures that enable administration to closely monitor the institution’s progress and prevent “surprises”


Set high standards for academic excellence and performance, and remain in good standing with your accreditor