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MEDAD Training Management Platform

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MEDAD Training Management Platform streamlines and optimizes the back-office training processes: for internal and external commercial training in a central cloud-hosted hub, providing a more efficient way for your institution to manage, track, and sell training for:

Customer Training

Employee Training

   Partner Training

Unlock the power of digital transformation and create an eLearning ecosystem with MEDAD TMP!

Start off by creating a conducive training environment that offers the right set of tools, processes, and content for learning and development. MEDAD TMP helps you manage your HR competencies and training processes by taking control of the complete learning and development cycle through:

Training cycle

Helping administrators optimize and automate the operations and logistics of training with global parameters and settings:

Global language and currency support

Training types

Training modals

Audience types

Audience integration

Organizational structure

Training providers

Trainees’ records