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A Platform that Leverages Technology for Higher Education to Support Institutional Performance, Quality and Efficiency

Assessment of student learning outcomes to enhance student success and improve teaching and learning is an integral part of good educational practice. At MEDAD IEP, assessment is more than just a matter of compliance; it is an intellectual effort that enables institutions to systematically and continuously gather, analyze and use information from various sources in order to improve student learning, and to make informed and strategic decisions based on evidence for continuous improvement and institutional effectiveness.

“MEDAD’s outcomes assessment methodology provides a framework to enhance student success, and improve teaching and learning, through a process that covers the entire assessment cycle”

“MEDAD IEP assessment methodology is unique in offering various flexible options and methods for measuring outcomes. The outcomes can be measured at either the institutional, program, course or lesson level, enabling different degrees of detail”

The platform takes a centralized approach to managing institutional improvement efforts. It enables academic departments to close the loop on course and program assessment, creating a culture of evidence throughout the campus and a path ready for accreditation. Using MEDAD outcome assessment, you will track and manage outcomes, collect and analyze assessment data, use the results to make data-driven improvements, and document institutional effectiveness – all in one go!

At MEDAD IEP, assessment is...

Measure your students’ progress and performance
with a scalable outcomes-based assessment platform


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