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What is Medad Library Services?

MEDAD Library Services Platform (MEDAD LSP) provides an integrated cloud-based solution that enables libraries to efficiently manage and provide access to their physical, digital, and electronic collections. Through a unified portal, libraries can deliver a seamless and unified user experience to meet the expectations of tech-savvy patrons. MEDAD LSP offers various features for library patrons and enhances productivity for staff, while providing analytical tools for informed decision-making by administrators



Going cloud gives the option to scale & remove high operational cost.


Medad is certified with the highest level of security by the national agency

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Medad is certified with the highest level of security by the national agency


Built on microservices, we ensure that you can easily consume the API’s


With Naseej Care, We are delighted to help you make the most out of Medad



We have successfully achieved 99.9% availability and we want more

Advantages of Moving to The Cloud

For over thirty years Naseej has been working with all types & sizes of libraries throughout the Middle East, hand in hand, to develop their services and their ability to serve their patrons and society, during which Arabic libraries were among the first civil institutions to adopt digital transformation. Today once again Arab libraries are the pioneers of adopting cloud technologies and managed software, which allows them to allocate their scientific and specialized human resources to better serve researchers and patrons, by freeing them from the constraints of traditional library services. All while proving the vital role of the library in managing and dissemination of knowledge and empowering students and researchers.

Full Integration with the Arabic Union Catalog

MEDAD Library Services Platform is the only platform that’s fully integrated with the Arabic Union Catalog, ensuring your seamless access for your library to all AUC records. With MEDAD cloud LSP you can

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