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Student Alumni Solutions

A Platform that Leverages Technology for Higher Education to Support Institutional Performance, Quality and Efficiency

Student portfolio

A learning and assessment tool with the capability to record student progress and achievements, both curricular and extra-curricular. The system provides the ability to build a range of different types of portfolios.

Field training and internship management

Field training and internship placements for higher education programs are held in one centralized system for ease of management. The system manages students, training sites, training applications & requirements.

Student advising

Advisors can guide students in their ongoing activities and help them to achieve success. The system allows the academic advisor to create meetings and follow up results, with centralized access to student information.

Scholarship management

A central system for scholarship student profile information, with the capability to provide support and services to them and enhance communication and interaction.


Alumni Management system

Placement Management system

MEDAD IEP provide universities and colleges with integrated systems for managing and

Features and services:

Building and managing alumni databases

While alumni of the past can be added easily to the system, the current students are by default added to the alumni network.

Creating deeper engagement and interaction

The systems provide a platform for alumni interaction similar to the new age social media where alumni can share thoughts, ideas, message and interact with each other.

Offering Event management.

Alumni can engage in current student activities, participate in events and conduct those too.

Offering Employment and job management.

Recruiters can search for the best resume collections and students can find the best job openings from industries.

Managing employment agencies.

Create employment agencies and manage memberships. Employers have the ability to select features and functionality.

Supporting alerts and notifications.

Generate and review customizable dashboard reports with drag and drop data and charts to view and analyze data.

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