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Faculty & Curriculum Management

A Platform that Leverages Technology for Higher Education to Support Institutional Performance, Quality and Efficiency

Faculty members are the backbone of any higher education institution. At MEDAD IEP, we have designed the faculty management system to track the faculty life cycle and to create a rich repository for faculty qualifications, experience and activities

MEDAD faculty management system is designed to:

  • Capture faculty information, including academic and professional data, and scholarly activities.
  • Identify suitable faculty based on qualifications and skills, to optimally assign faculty based on course requirements.
  • Streamline the reporting of faculty qualifications and information.
  • View faculty workload and teaching activities and monitor performance and research and development activities.

Curriculum Management

Outcomes-based curriculum planning, designing and execution for higher education.

The curriculum is a foundation for all higher education institutions and touches on all the aspects of academic operation. At MEDAD, we provide a system to support and streamline the entire curriculum management process, from planning and design to implementation.

MEDAD enables effective development of programs and courses through a flexible, consistent and easy-to-use process for designing, validating and approving various aspects of the program and courses.

The system provides a robust, efficient and easy-to-use curriculum management through four main stages:

Institutional imperatives for adopting the MEDAD curriculum management system:

By leveraging the model, higher education institutions will promote better curriculum management and, therefore, more efficient and effective programs and course development and review.

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